Earth Day 2024 brings an important focus to Plastics vs. Planet and the notion of rejecting fast fashion. ​

Currently, the fashion industry produces 100 billion garments a year and 87% end up in a landfill where they smoulder and pollute the air or an incinerator. 69% of all clothing is made partially or entirely of synthetic fibres such as polyester which is a crude oil derivative. Petroleum is a non-renewable resource with significant negative impacts on the earth (source, 

"We are part of nature: we breathe nature, consume nature and lean on nature, and yet we have lost sight of that dependency.”


Bamford was founded on the belief that we need to be more mindful of our connection to the earth; to live consciously, in harmony with nature, and to respect the land that provides for us. ​


We’re incredibly proud that our Spring-Summer 2024 collection, To Earth, With Love, is made of 100% natural fibres. The garments will biodegrade at the end of their life, leaving no trace. These durable, pure fabrics are also renewable, meaning they can be returned to the soil, feeding the land and contributing to new life. To maintain the circularity of the textiles that Bamford uses, 32% of the collection is made from pure cotton, 26% linen and 21% cashmere, among several other sustainable, natural fibres. We have produced over 53% of our Spring-Summer 2024 collection here in the UK – our largest proportion yet – to minimise the distance it has to travel to reach our stores, bringing the process from start to finish, closer to home. 

Beyond the statistics, Bamford is passionate about preserving time-honoured, traditional craft with a commitment to crafting pieces that are designed with longevity in mind. We have worked with our Indian textile mills that proudly use natural fibres for over 10 years, supporting a heritage of handmade techniques, including weaving and looming. Season after season, we continue to honour British makers, traditional techniques and home-grown producers. We have worked with artisans, from Scotland to London, to craft a range that respects the earth. In Europe, we celebrate Loro Piana. The Italian company is a true textile specialist, proudly showcasing generations of craft through the pure linen pieces it has created for our collection.

By investing in quality over quantity, we reject the fast fashion paradigm, advocating for mindful consumption and sustainable practices. Join us in our commitment to protect the planet and embrace fashion that respects both nature and humanity.​

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