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10 Years of our Chunky Moss Sweater

10 Years of the Chunky Moss Sweater

This year marks a milestone in our knitwear design. It’s been 10 years since we began crafting our Chunky Moss Sweater and the elegant, easy-to-wear knit remains a permanent feature of our collection, reimagined in different colours each season.

The continuity of the piece and its enduring popularity with our customers reinforces our belief that fashion does not have to be fast: considered design can transcend trends, creating pieces that are timeless and made to be worn for years.

But the origins of a garment are just the beginning. At the heart of the knit is a 360-degree approach to sustainable production. The panels of the sweater are knitted to size without the need for cutting. Not only does this promote ‘zero waste’, it also reinvigorates and supports lesser-known production methods. The sweater also quietly reinforces Bamford’s pledge that clothes should not only be made with integrity, they must be made to last.

The panels of the Chunky Moss Sweater are created using three-gauge machinery, before being linked by hand on linking machines. The use of these unique crafts not only aims to prevent the loss of these skills, which are in danger of fading from modern garment manufacture, it underlines the individuality of each piece.

Over the years the sweater has been made with various yarns, from wool to yak. Today, however, it is knitted in our DETOX yarn: a Greenpeace Detox-certified yarn that blends durable lambswool with the softest cashmere. The choice is a further reflection of our commitment to the environment and its resources: by eliminating hazardous chemicals in manufacturing, we can help to keep soil and waterways clean.

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