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Can we boost our brain power with dietary supplements?

With dietary supplements becoming an increasingly popular topic in the wellness sphere, it can be difficult to work out whether they are necessary, if any can in fact enhance or have a tangible effect on our wellness and if so, what do we buy?

At Bamford, we believe in nourishing body and mind inside and out, with pure natural ingredients and holistic means, but we know there are times when our bodies or minds need a little extra help. So where do we stand on supplements?

At the moment, the supplements which we stand by and believe in are nootropics. From the greek words ‘nous’ for mind and ‘trepein’ meaning ‘to turn’, a nootropic is defined as a compound that enhances cognition and focus. In practical terms nootropics are a way to improve some aspect of our cognition such as focus, memory, wakefulness or mood. You may already be consuming a nootropic every day: caffeine, the world’s most popular stimulant has been proven to improve both mental and physical performance.

We’ve partnered with Form, a brand whose values and ethics we share and stock three types of their nootropic, each focused on a different aspect of your cognition.


Gives you a calming energy boost. A synergistic pairing of stimulating caffeine and the amino acid l-theanine. Multiple studies have shown this balanced combination can significantly improve attention and alertness as well as reduce the sometimes negative side effects of caffeine alone such as nervous energy or anxiety. This is the combination we employ in our boost nootropic. In many ways it’s like a cup of strong coffee without the jitters.

Available in-store only.


Will sharpen your brain and prevent the mental blocks we all fear. It’s a daily cognitive enhancer, centred around b vitamins, bacopa monnieri and alpha gpc. Bacopa monnieri is a herb native to Southern India traditionally used in ayurvedic medicine and has been shown to improve memory and reduce anxiety.

Available in-store only.


Naturally supports a regenerative sleep. Combining 5-HTP with calming amino acids and the dietary minerals magnesium and zinc, Zzzzs supports a good night’s sleep, naturally.

Available in-store only.