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Organic September


Bamford was founded on the belief that what we put on our skin is as important as what we put inside our body through our food. The increased awareness of ethical and regenerative farming practices that has spurred great change in the organic food industry over the last few decades - stemming from a growing desire to better support our physical health as well as to celebrate regional organic farmers - is now manifesting in the clean beauty movement.

Consumers and brands are waking up to the fact that our daily well-being rituals connect us to the soil not only by its proximity to our skin through the products we use, but also by the need to protect its health: by harvesting natural ingredients that can be safely and proudly applied to the body.

The soil is the first home for the majority of natural ingredients that our signature blends and formulations for the body and skin are made of: 85% of our bodycare range is certified COSMOS Organic by the Soil Association - the finest standard in organic bodycare. The Soil Association reviews the entire manufacturing process, including sourcing of ingredients, energy and water usage information and environmental waste management plans and premises, as well as packaging. In this way, we are held accountable to ensure that the ingredients we extract for our formulations are responsibly grown, extracted and formulated, and that once they have been fully used their packaging can be recycled to ensure it does not return to the earth as a pollutant or end up in landfill.

COSMOS Certification

The Soil Association's COSMOS-standard (Cosmetic Organic Standard) defines the criteria that companies must meet to certify that their products are genuine organic or natural cosmetics produced to the highest feasible sustainability practices. We are striving to increase our Soil Association certification to include all of our body and skincare products - we are very proud to have achieved it on a large number of our bodycare range to date.

‘The easiest way to be certain about what you're buying is to look for the Soil Association logo - we certify to the International COSMOS standards for cosmetics, and our Health & Beauty Standard for your non-cosmetic wellbeing products’, advises Georgia Barnes of the Soil Association. ‘What’s more, we review the entire manufacturing process: from ingredient and formulation approvals, to the types of packaging and cleaning processes used’.

‘As people go through this journey of trying to live a more sustainable and authentic lifestyle, there is a process of re-educating oneself,’ says Georgia. ‘We have to read the labels of the products that we use with care, and look for naturally-occurring ingredients - rather than simply listening to what we’ve been taught to believe to be true.’

Make #OneSmallSwap with our organic body care

Making one small swap to your self-care routine is the first step to making a world of difference. Here are three of our beloved certified COSMOS Organic bodycare products that are not only kinder to the planet, but are effective and will become integral to your daily wellness regime.

Treat: Botanic Nurture Balm

Nourish the skin with organic Botanic Nurture Balm. A nutrient-intense buttery balm with three nourishing seed oils, fruit and flower oils, infused with healing arnica extract and omega-rich rosehip oil to aid skin repair.

Apply generously to areas in need of targeted treatment and allow the balm to melt into the skin. We recommend applying to the cuticles, elbows and heels of the feet regularly to keep exposed skin soft and supple.

For an intense overnight treatment, massage Botanic Hand Cream into the hands and follow with application of Botanic Nurture Balm into knuckles and cuticles - wear under clean cotton gloves and leave on overnight to work its magic.⁠

Nurture: Botanic Hand Cream

Protect your freshly cleaned hands with Botanic Hand Cream, which smoothes and protects hands after cleansing, softens cuticles and nails with calming aloe vera, fortified with a moisture-binding combination of honey and golden jojoba.

Massage the cream generously into the freshly cleaned hands and on forearms, concentrating on dry areas, cuticles, backs of hands and elbows to seal in moisture and condition the skin.⁠⠀

Beeswax and cocoa butter unite to form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin to seal in moisture, condition the skin whilst still allowing the skin to breathe.

Nourish: Botanic Lip Balm

For lips that need some nourishment, look no further than our organic Botanic Lip Balm: a soothing and protective organic lip balm which combines fruit oils and beeswax, scented with a combination of grapefruit and peppermint pure essential oils for a refreshing and cooling effect.⁠⠀

We use recyclable green glass for our lip balm as it is easily and conveniently recyclable and does not contribute to unnecessary packaging waste - unlike many forms of plastic.

A lip balm is a key but often forgotten step in a holistic daily facial routine. As the final step in your morning or evening skincare routine, smooth our lip balm over your lips to keep them moist and healthy.

COSMOS Natural

The Soil Association also offers a COSMOS Natural certification to help consumers identify brands and products that align with the natural ethos. Where we do not yet meet the Soil Association's standards for Organic certification - suitable for products containing a lot of ingredients which cannot be organic, such as water, salt or clay - we still strive to use certified COSMOS Natural ingredients, processes and packaging. Using natural products brings us one step closer to realising our goal of having entirely organic collections for the body and skin.

Organic Essentials Edit

In celebration of Organic September, we have curated all of our certified Organic products in one place for you to join us in making #OneSmallSwap.


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