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Introducing Autumn-Winter 21

Enduring design. Made to last.

Wild berry, juniper, soft dove and heather hues borrowed from the butterflies, birds and hedgerows.

This autumn–winter we look to time-tested methods and meaning of the past to envision a brighter future for clothing – bringing renewed relevance to the principles we have always committed to in the way we design and produce our collections. The result is a considered edit of sustainably sourced, versatile and practical styles for a pared-back wardrobe, with a focus on handwoven and organic cotton pieces as part of our commitment to protecting soil health.

Palette of the past

Our designers have drawn colour inspiration from Mezzaro textiles of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, finding a curious parallel between depictions of spirituality and connection in the antique cloth with our own commitment to using natural fibres that grow in harmony with the soil. A Mezzaro is a large block-printed and painted cotton, patterned on a white background and usually the size of a large bedcover. Originally from Genoa, Northern Italy, they were traditionally worn like shawls by women fixed to their heads and draped down over their bodies.

The rich palette found in these bundles of vintage cloth have been reimagined as a versatile capsule wardrobe for the conscious, contemporary wearer of today. One particular cloth has informed our colour choices for the collection, offering us wild berry, juniper, soft dove and heather hues borrowed from the butterflies, birds and hedgerows that dance around the textile’s central motif, the tree of life.

Download the lookbook

Explore our Autumn-Winter '21 lookbook to learn the stories behind the collection, and browse seasonal looks.


Fibres from the soil

Just as we have turned to historic depictions of our relationship with the natural world when designing our collection, so too have we sought guidance from the earth’s materials to bring it to life. Using natural plant-based and animal-based fibres places us within a circular lifecycle that depends on – and has the potential to bring nourishment to – the soil.


The Global Organic Textile Standard is the most respected and trusted certification for the farming and manufacturing process of garments.

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Regenerative silk

Farmed using responsible practices such as rotational cropping and intercropping, which promotes soil biodiversity and helps to lock carbon into the soil.

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Rain-washed cashmere

Washed and processed in rainwater collected in the region known as ‘the green heart of Italy’ – reducing water consumption and imbuing the garments with a natural softness.

From organic cotton and regenerative silks, to cashmere that has been lovingly washed in rainwater, nature has been our closest collaborator.

Time-tested methods

Working closely with independent makers and small-scale producers guarantees a quality and longevity that mass mechanical production cannot surpass. We favour longer lives of wear and care over faster delivery times, and are proud to collaborate with craftspeople and communities who share our commitment to preserving traditional skills and slower, kinder ways of making.


Our bespoke cotton check is handwoven and constructed by hand from start to finish, sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the artisans in India.

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Our embroidered scarves are first woven in Nepal before being delicately hand-embroidered with our seasonal motif, taking 23 hours in total to make just one piece.

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Knitwear retains a special significance in each collection, and we’re proud to continue supporting skilled makers in Italy and Scotland, extending a lifeline to their craft.

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Sustainability at Bamford

Designing fewer collections for maximum longevity is part of our commitment to treading more lightly. We consciously design our products in a way that ensures they will not degrade the land if they are eventually disposed of or recycled.

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The journey of our Home-grown Merino Collection

Bamford is pioneering a first-of-its-kind design project. Made from the finest merino wool that has been organically and regeneratively at Daylesford Organic farm in Gloucesterhire, the wool for the new collection was sheared, spun and knitted in the UK. Discover the new collection.